About Wildfire Crisis

Doug Carlson


I’m a professional communicator (49 years and counting), formerly a PIO with the CA Department of Water Resources with prior experience as a corporate communications manager at an electric utility devastated by a hurricane. I know from personal experience — as a reporter and corporate spokesperson — the value of using AM radio in the emergency communications mix.

Our Approach


Direct and polite communications in all interaction is the goal. This is not a make-wrong website. The suggestions are offered in the spirit of cooperation and with a desire to improve public communications and reduce the potential for future alert failures. 

Why Us?


Our CHORE blog answered that question when it launched in 2006. OUR MOTTO: It’s a CHORE, but somebody has to do it. OUR MISSION: To improve communications to the public during and after emergencies by organizing the views of average citizens and submitting their proposals to the appropriate government officials and broadcasters to enhance their performance. OUR OBJECTIVE: To ensure emergency response officials and broadcasters are performing at peak capabilities and efficiency during and after community-wide emergencies.